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New work – Hannya mask with oriental sleeve tattoo

Hannya mask chest plate and Sakura, Koi and Lotus sleeve

I recently completed this oriental chest plate and sleeve tattoo with Sakura (cherry blossoms), Koi, Lotus flower and Hannya mask.  Here are a few photos from our final session!


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Detail of oriental tattoo


I snapped this detail shot on my phone of this chest piece and sleeve tattoo.  Lots of colour and detail in this one of a Benkei warrior with Kabuto and tiger!


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Work in progress – Sakura rib tattoo


A great first session on this Sakura tattoo on the ribs, thanks so much to this lovely lady for flying to Melbourne for this piece!  Looking forward to the next session, always love working with cherry blossoms!

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New work – Sakura and Koi sleeve tattoo





Great to have finished this chest piece and sleeve!  Fish tail is freshly tattooed in these pics and the cherry blossoms, Koi and Hannya mask are healed.  Thanks so much to Daniel for traveling all the way from Darwin for our sessions!

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Final dates for 2016!  Small and large pieces welcome, please email me with your ideas!

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New work – cherry blossom and swallow tattoo


Did a wee bit more to finish this tattoo… The cherry blossom branch is a cover up of an old feather tattoo.

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Last minute availability!!


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Some of my favourites…


Two awesome outliners!  And best grey wash inks!

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Work in progress – swallow and cherry blossom tattoo


Worked on this new piece this week!  Cherry blossom is a cover up of an old tattoo (by another tattooist) with the swallow, bird to be finished next session.

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Work in progress – Hannya mask tattoo


Hannya Mask I continued work on yesterday, working on cherry blossom today and Koi fish tomorrow!  3 days straight for Daniel!!  Thanks for traveling the distance… mentally and physically!