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lotus tattoo

New work – Tibetan back tattoo

I recently completed this back tattoo, a Tibetan inspired piece with peony and lotus flowers, waves, clouds and the Himalaya Mountains!  Healed photos to come! Save

New work – Hannya mask with oriental sleeve tattoo

I recently completed this oriental chest plate and sleeve tattoo with Sakura (cherry blossoms), Koi, Lotus flower and Hannya mask.  Here are a few photos from our final session! Save

WIP – Oriental Lotus back tattoo

Another session on this oriental back tattoo.  This time I did a bit more shading and added colour to the lotus, looking forward to the next session!

Work in progress – Lotus and waves tattoo

A new tattoo I'm working on, above the stencil and the line work from our first session.  Lotuses are one of my favourites subjects, here I've added waves and mountains to the scene.  If you're interested in getting some work... Continue Reading →

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