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We’ll be back soon!

We're taking a break at the moment and will return to the studio on the 10th of August!  We've only got a few dates available for the remainder of 2016 and taking bookings for 2017.  Please contact us with your... Continue Reading →

Available dates

I've only got a few dates available for the remainder of 2016 so if you're interested please book your dates soon! I'm currently available to be contacted by email only and will return to the studio August 10th.

WIP – oriental sleeve tattoo

A good day's shading on this oriental sleeve I'm working on! Save

Work in progress – tiger sleeve tattoo

Thanks so much to Kerrard for traveling from Darwin for another session!  We've completed the top half of his sleeve and are now working on the tiger on his forearm.

WIP – Raijin tattoo

First session complete on this Raijin tattoo!  My client unfortunately had a bad experience with having his old tattoo lasered and it has scarred.  If you are getting laser done please let me know and I can recommend a reputable... Continue Reading →

WIP – Raijin tattoo stencil

I've finished this stencil of Raijin for an upcoming tattoo.  I love creating oriental tattoos, this is going to be fun to work on!

Work in progress – new tattoo stencil

This dragon stencil is going to be filling a gap on the back of a client in between older tattoos, looking forward to starting this piece.  Will post more pics soon!

Work in progress – Sakura rib tattoo

A great first session on this Sakura tattoo on the ribs, thanks so much to this lovely lady for flying to Melbourne for this piece!  Looking forward to the next session, always love working with cherry blossoms!

Work in progress – Peony tattoo

Another session completed on this Peony tattoo which is filling a gap on an inner bicep!  This session we worked on the colour, only a little more to finish off next time.  It's a little red from today, will post... Continue Reading →

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