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WIP – Oriental Lotus back tattoo


Another session on this oriental back tattoo.  This time I did a bit more shading and added colour to the lotus, looking forward to the next session!

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Work in progress – Hannya mask tattoos




Daniel traveled from Darwin and we did two full day sessions on his chest plate and sleeve tattoo!  It features a Hannya mask on the chest and cherry blossoms, Koi fish and lotus flowers on the sleeve.  Only one more session to go to finish this tattoo!

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Work in progress – Lotus and waves tattoo



A new tattoo I’m working on, above the stencil and the line work from our first session.  Lotuses are one of my favourites subjects, here I’ve added waves and mountains to the scene.  If you’re interested in getting some work give me a buzz!

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Work in progress – Hannya mask tattoo

Great to do some more tattooing on this piece!  It’s a large chest piece and sleeve with a detailed design of a Hannya mask, cherry blossom, Koi fish, lotus flower and waves.  After doing the line work and shading it’s exciting to tattoo in the colour, the blue and pink lotus is finished and my client loves it!