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Painted Ladies – The history of female tattoo artists in Australia

I was thrilled to be featured in Clare November Miles’ book Painted Ladies – The history of female tattoo artists in Australia.

About the book – ‘This is the first book of its kind which seeks to show the accomplishments of outstanding Australian female tattoo artists past and present, by searching out the reason for their successes as well as the overwhelming obstacles that preclude most from achieving greatness.  Interviews with historically important photos feature Australia’s pioneering female tattoo artists – some well know and others never heard of.  This text also recognises and highlights a few of the amazingly talented ladies from each state who are successful in the tattoo industry.  They share an honest insight into how they got started, what they love and loathe, their thoughts on tattooing, gender stereotypes, media portrayals and personal stories while helping to encourage others to strive to accomplish their dreams and aspirations.’

A big thank you to Clare, and you can purchase the book via Amazon HERE.